Tips for Choosing a Good Family Dentist

It’s common for both children and adults to have some feelings of stress or overwhelm when visiting a dentist. Whether they have had a negative experience in the past or simply fear the unknown, put everyone’s minds (and mouths!) in the hands of a carefully chosen family dentist.

Choosing a good family dentist is important, and one that should not be taken lightly. In fact, the right dentist will be the one to guide you and your family through proper dental health practices and hygiene, both of which are foundational to good overall health.

Some helpful tips to find and choose the best dentist for your family.


1. Get recommendations from family and friends

We ask our family and friends’ opinions when it comes to things like restaurants and movies, so asking your trusted inner circle for dentist recommendations is no different. If anything, it’s more important! They will give you honest opinions about who they like best and their personal experiences with certain dentists/dental practices. It’s likely that your friends and family will also be able to gauge whether or not their dentist would be a good fit for your family.

2. Read online reviews

In addition to the feedback you get from family and friends, check out reviews on online sites such as Google or Facebook. With so many local dentist options, these reviews are just another way to make informed decisions about which dentist/dental practice is right for your family. It’s recommended that you read reviews on several sites or social media platforms so that you have feedback from a range of patients.

3. Research the dentist’s credentials and experience

Your family’s dental health and well-being are very important, and should be put in the care of those with proper dental training, skills, and experience.

Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Board certification – one of the most important and necessary credentials for a family dentist!
  • Dental school, training, and other certifications
  • History of any malpractice claims or disciplinary actions—check out and state websites to learn more
  • Special approaches (i.e. how he/she handles anxious patients or experience with specific conditions)

4. Asses the services needed for your family—both now and in the future

Finding a top notch practice that can accommodate a full range of dental needs is important. Routine dental care such as regular check-ups and cleanings will help maintain your family’s good overall dental health, however some family members may need more in-depth care such as root canals or dental implants. Braces and other orthodontic correction may also be things you’d prefer to have done at the same dental practice.

5. Location matters!

Life is busy, so why not make yours easier by choosing a dentist with a conveniently located office? Scheduling and getting to appointments closer to your home or office will save gas, time, and will ultimately be better should someone have a dental emergency and need to get to the office quickly.

6. Visit the dentist office and meet the staff

Once you’ve narrowed down the options and if your schedule permits, pay a visit to the dentist’s office and do a quick meet and greet before bringing your family for the first time. Take note of the dentist’s demeanor, personality, and communication skills, as well as the culture and atmosphere of the office. Does the environment feel kid-friendly and do you think your child/children will feel comfortable in the care of the dentist? This quick trip will set the stage for all of your relationships moving forward.


7. Make sure the dentist accepts your insurance plan

Dental care can be very expensive, but thankfully, it’s easy to determine what family dentists accept your insurance plan. Simply check out the dentist’s website, call their office, or do a search on your insurance company’s website to find out what dental plans are accepted.

Looking for a family dental practice in the Wilton Area?

Your family’s oral health is so important and finding a dentist that is both experienced and trustworthy are key. If you and your family are looking for the right partner in oral health, look no further than Wilton Smiles!

Our modern and friendly dental office located in Wilton prides itself on the highest level of professionalism and service when it comes to your family’s dental needs. From x-rays and emergency dental services to cleanings and cosmetic dentistry, Wilton Smiles offers affordable, reliable, and trustworthy care for all our patients.

It is our privilege to serve so many families in the Wilton area, and a job we don’t take lightly. We’re proactive in working with our young patients to establish good dental hygiene practices early, and always ensure that your dental experience is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Wilton Smiles has both the experience and qualifications, alongside a friendly and enjoyable environment, sure to make all members of the family look forward to each and every dental visit.

Here at Wilton Smiles, we welcome the opportunity to meet you either in-person or virtually to see if our office is the right fit for your family. Call us at (203) 762-9907 or click here to schedule a virtual appointment.

We can’t wait to meet you soon!

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