Dental Cleaning and Exams (old)

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Dental Cleaning and Exams

Many people wonder if making it to their semi-annual dental appointment is really necessary.

The short answer is—yes!

Good preventive care helps reduce your risk for certain illnesses and can help you achieve and maintain the level of excellent oral health that lets you look and feel your best. Stop by Wilton Smiles for a dental cleaning or exam today!

Providing Your Medical History

Your routine visits are an excellent opportunity to let our team at Wilton Smiles know about any issues or discomfort you’ve been experiencing in your mouth. You’ll also want to give a detailed description of your medical history and come prepared with all medications, which can include herbal remedies too!

Knowing your medical history is a great way for us to gain an understanding of your overall health. After all, there are systemic links between oral and general wellbeing! For example: periodontitis (advanced gum disease) has been linked with heart problems; pancreatic cancer can come from poor dental hygiene due to plaque buildup on teeth – it’s even associated low birth weight among babies born from mothers who suffer from this condition

Dental Examinations

The signs of some dental conditions may be so subtle that only a dentist can identify them.
During your visit, we thoroughly examine your mouth and check for the telltale signs of tooth decay such as missing teeth or stains on fillings — this way potential problems are identified early while they’re easily treatable!

Your dentist will also check your bite and may take x-rays or recommend other diagnostic measures.

Teeth Cleaning at Wilton Smiles

A thorough teeth cleaning not only helps improve your oral health but also makes them look great! We’ll show you how during your next dental cleaning. A good clean can have an even more dramatic effect on the look of stained or discolored pearly whites, making it easier for us to share some hygiene tips with you too–and best yet? You won’t have any regrets because we guarantee 100% satisfaction in every step along our process (from start until finish).

Our friendly team gently and professionally cleanses each area thoroughly without damaging gums; at this point they may give tips about proper brushing/flossing techniques should those become necessary down the line as well provide instruction on what type might be right for you.

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