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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies happen to the best of us. You’re eating something crunchy, and suddenly a tooth cracks – or you wake up in the morning with swelling and pain around your jaw! The dental professionals at Wilton Smiles recommend against going straight for an emergency room visit when these types of dental issues arise; it’s often inefficient as well as not very helpful for solving problems quickly.

Most emergency rooms aren’t set up to handle dental emergencies. They might be able to give you some antibiotics if an infection is causing your pain, but they will still advise that you see a dentist as soon as possible for this small service – which could cost quite a bit more than what was expected.

Call our office in Wilton for emergency dental help instead!

We understand that dental pain is no fun at all. With our quick and affordable treatments, you’ll be able resume your day with peace of mind knowing things are running smoothly in there for a change.

Common Dental Emergencies

The most common reason that people need emergency dental care is because of tooth pain. The condition can indicate serious medical issues such as cavities, advanced gum disease or an abscessed tooth; so it’s important never to ignore any issue with your teeth and get them seen straight away if you’re experiencing discomfort in one area.

Our team in Wilton can treat these emergency dental conditions promptly to prevent further damage to the tooth or the spreading of the infection.

Other common conditions include chipped, fractured, or even lost teeth.

Chipped or broken teeth can be caused by sudden trauma to the mouth, but they also happen because you had a cavity and didn’t know about it. The internal structure has been weakened so that even small bits of food get stuck inside your tooth enamel and eventually become too weak to withstand the pressure.

The loss of a tooth is an emergency for many people. Whether it was knocked out due to injury or you lost one without any explanation, losing your tooth can have lasting effects on how healthy we look and feel with our smile- which means that if this happens suddenly like in some cases where there’s no time left before therapies are required then dental implants could be best option because they last longer than bridges or dentures.

Other Dental Emergencies

Some of the other reasons we would need to see you quickly include:

  • A tooth has become dislodged (but not completely knocked out).
  • An object is stuck between your teeth that you can’t remove with brushing or dental floss.
  • A filling or crown has fallen out.
  • You are experiencing a dental abscess.
  • You have injured your gums or palate.


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