Let’s Celebrate Dental Hygiene Month! 

Did you know that October is Dental Hygiene Month?

Introduced by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (known more commonly as ADHA) and Wrigley, Dental Hygiene Month is an opportunity for patients and dental practitioners to focus on maintaining good oral health. It also celebrates the hard work and time dental hygienists put into keeping our pearly whites sparkling.

Here at Wilton Smiles, we can’t think of a better way to commemorate Dental Hygiene Month than by maintaining exceptional oral health ALL YEAR LONG!

Why Oral Health Care Matters

While your eyes are the “window to your soul,” your mouth is a good indication of your overall health. Good oral hygiene practices are a defense against common dental issues such as cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

According to the Mayo Clinic, problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. Because your mouth is the entry point to your digestive and respiratory tracts, some of these bacteria can cause disease. Research shows that poor oral health might contribute to various diseases and conditions, including:

  • Endocarditis: This infection of the inner lining of your heart chambers or valves (endocardium)
  • Cardiovascular disease: Heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke might be caused by harmful oral bacteria
  • Pregnancy and birth complications: Premature birth and low birth weight has been linked to periodontitis
  • Pneumonia: Certain oral bacteria can be pulled into your lungs, causing pneumonia and other respiratory diseases

In addition to the health implications from proper oral health practices, there is also a connection to oral health and overall well-being. Feeling good about your teeth and smile will have an impact on your confidence and self-esteem, and a healthy smile can enhance your appearance and boost your self-image.

Put simply, taking care of your mouth has endless benefits on both your physical and mental health!

Tips For Maintaining Good Oral Health

Brushing is all about technique!

While most of us have been brushing since we were young enough to sprout teeth, are you doing it correctly? Use these tips for proper technique:

  1. Tilt the brush at a 45-degree angle for effective brushing
  2. Don’t be too rough! Brushing should be done gently with careful back and forth motions.
  3. Tend to all surfaces and everywhere in between.
  4. Include brushing your tongue, which can be the breeding ground for bacteria.

Practice the rule of two

Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes every time! Many electric toothbrushes have built-in timers to ensure adequate brushing time.

Make flossing part of your everyday routine

In addition to daily brushing, flossing helps us take care of those hidden spaces a toothbrush can’t get to. Plaque and debris can be removed from hard-to-reach and tight spaces, helping protect teeth and gums from bacteria and decay.

Finish your dental routine with mouthwash

An antimicrobial rinse will keep your mouth clean after you floss and brush daily. More powerful than over-the-counter mouthwashes, an antimicrobial rinse reduces certain bacteria that cause gum disease.

Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings

Routine visits that include examinations and cleanings should be scheduled every six months. For patients with more comprehensive dental care needs, visits may need to be more regular.

Trust Wilton Smiles During Dental Hygiene Month and Beyond!

This Dental Hygiene Month, it’s time to celebrate how important good oral hygiene is.

Prioritizing your oral health should be part of your life and everyday health and wellness routine. The benefits of maintaining good dental hygiene are far-reaching and will have long term impacts on your physical health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Count on Wilton Smiles to be your trusted partner in helping you maintain exceptional oral health.

Let’s connect today and discuss your dental care needs and how our office can support you.

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