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5on Google,Nov 19, 2022


Wonderful experience all around. I have my favorite hygienist, Susan Lewicki, who makes every visit fun—yes, fun at the dentist!! And then Dr Malin did an amazing job filling in my gum line, which was receding. She matched my teeth perfectly, and you can’t tell anything was done. It even feels perfectly smooth. And my insurance covered most of it. A great day at the dentist!!! I love this team!!! 🥰🥰

5on Google,Nov 03, 2022


I honestly never write reviews but upon leaving Wilton Smiles after a cleaning, I thought it was only necessary to heap the fully deserved praise on this establishment. I walked in and immediately felt the positive energy from the welcoming environment. You won’t come across a more friendly, genuine and professional group. You really feel like you’re family and this experience completely eased my typical dental anxiety. I had my appointment on Halloween and did not expect the whole staff to be dressed up like they were the cast of Wizard of Oz, I loved it! They had the soundtrack playing throughout the office as well as other Halloween classics. And it may be a small thing but the fact they took the time to look as great as they did in costume(everything was homemade and not store bought) just shows how they are willing to go above and beyond for anything, especially their clients. I’ve never been one to enjoy the dentist, I don’t know many who do, but I couldn’t have been more excited to book my next appointment. Dr. Malin herself is a rockstar and has assembled an amazing team. Safe to say, Wilton Smiles has a client for life.

5on Google,Nov 01, 2022


The staff at Wilton Smiles is full of life, joy and kindness. The office is bright, vibrant and meticulously clean. Each portion of my visit was a delight. Dr. Malin is brilliant and a visionary. This is the most fun I’ve had at the dentist…ever. Thank you Wilton Smiles for brightening my day.

5on Google,Sep 29, 2022


Entire office is delightful!

5on Google,Aug 13, 2022


My son loves seeing doctor Malin! She is very attentive, always greets patients with a positive attitude and is great with both adults and kids. Thank you Dr. Malin!

5on Google,Jul 19, 2022


Excellent Service. Sue is fantastic!

5on Google,Jul 11, 2022


The care and treatment I received from Dr. Malin was very professional with excellent results. I would recommend her highly for any dental repair you may need.

5on Google,Jun 06, 2022


Dr. Malin in an excellent dentist who makes sure any work she does is to a very high standard. She has up to date equipment and takes pictures of the before and after explaining the procedure so the patient is fully informed. She has really been one of the best dentists I’ve gone to over the years.

5on Google,May 04, 2022


Excellent experience, friendly staff + Dr. Malin is very personable. Looking forward to continuing to see wonderful results through my Invisalign treatment.

5on Google,Apr 20, 2022


Wonderful group of professionals. Always so pleasant and accommodating - same day appointment! Dr. Malin is patient and explains fully! Thank you for your expert service today!

5on Google,Feb 12, 2022


Nice and friendly service. Well organized and professional.

5on Google,Feb 07, 2022


Always a good experience! Friendliest staff around plus state of the art equipment with the patients comfort in mind. Highly recommend!